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Five Elements Guided Meditation

Jogen Sensei of Great Vow Monastery leads a meditation on the Five Elements. Jogen has been at Great Vow since 2003, receiving Dharma Transmission in 2017.

Guided Body Scan Meditation

A short, guided body scan meditation that can be done lying down or seated. Excellent support for the cultivation of mindfulness and stability. Helpful for relaxation ...

Doubt is Your Friend

There are two kinds of doubt in practice. One is a hindrance. One is an essential element of a functional practice. The later is necessary for a sustainable spiritual ...

Indestructible Ease and Joy

Don't you wish your ease and joy were 'indestructible'? They are? Wait! What? Yes...

Short Chenrezig Compassion Practice

A brief guided Chenrezig practice for cultivating compassion for all beings.

Practicing In Isolation on Full Moon June 5 - Saka Dawa Duchen

Full moon, June 5th - an incredible day for Buddhist practice. But this year, how to do it in isolation? Here's how.

Simple Compassionate Abiding Meditation - 1

Compassionate presence is the willingness and ability to stay in the presence of suffering. Here's a way to get there.

Death will Come

Someone asked to hear a teaching on death. Here it is.

The Sweet Joy of the Way

Verses about Joy in the Dhammapada--the teachings of the Buddha and how to activate this advice now, in the time of Covid, and in any difficult times.

Bring More Joy into Your Life

In this episode we look at 4 ways to experience more joy. Because... you need this. We all do.

Calm Abiding in the Midst of a Storm

A rainstorm on retreat sets the stage for a simple calm abiding meditation at the monastery this week.

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