Guided Body Scan Meditation

A short, guided body scan meditation that can be done lying down or seated. Excellent support for the cultivation of mindfulness and stability. Helpful for relaxation and for working with chronic pain or anxiety. [For anyone who has experienced deep body-related trauma, we're working on a recording that might be even more supportive. Stay tuned.]
The body scan is an effective way to begin or nurture a meditation practice. It helps establish mindfulness. The purpose is to tune in to your body—to connect to the direct experience of the physical body—and to notice all sensations without judgement or commentary. Many people find the body scan relaxing. This makes it pleasant to do, so it's one of the ways beginners can be motivated to increase time spent in formal mediation. It can easily be done lying down, which means it's a good choice for any time you are sick or in pain. Learning to practice in such situations provides a foundation for continuous practice—something we emphasize at Dekeling. This practice is useful to train the mind to be aware of sensory experiences—and ultimately, more accepting. With time and practice, the body scan will be a meditation that will cultivate your ability to be more fully present in your life in general—especially when added to mindfulness of activity or speech and so on. 

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