Practicing In Isolation on Full Moon June 5 - Saka Dawa Duchen

Full moon, June 5th - an incredible day for Buddhist practice. But this year, how to do it in isolation? Here's how.
Celebrating Saka Dawa Duchen while in Isolation
Saka Dawa Duchen is on June 5th in 2020

In the Tibetan tradition, Saka Dawa is a month of celebration of the birth, enlightenment and passing [Skt. Parinirvana] of the Buddha Shakyamuni. Dawa means ‘month’ in Tibetan. The term Saka comes from Tibetan astrology—the Saka star is associated with the full moon of this month. 

Saka Dawa observations take place in the fourth Tibetan month of each year, which in 2020 begins on May 23 and ends on June 21. The full-moon day of Saka Dawa, occurring on the 15th day of the Tibetan month, is one date most commonly associated with not only Buddha’s birth but also his enlightenment and parinirvana, and therefore often is said to be the most auspicious day of all. In 2020, the 15th day of the month—called Saka Dawa Duchen—falls on June 5 in the Gregorian calendar.

It is sometimes taught that the merit of any beneficial thoughts, speech and actions are multiplied during this time—some teachers say as much as one hundred million times. But how can we practice it during the time of Covid? You can do it! Happy Saka Dawa!

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