Bring More Joy into Your Life

In this episode we look at 4 ways to experience more joy. Because... you need this. We all do.
In challenging times, how do you cultivate more joy? If you're suffering, one way is to suffer better. Who knew?

Hear this and three other ways to increase joy. All of these practices can be used any time, any place. Buddhism has so many tools for waking up to the life you have, regardless of circumstances.

The music in this episode was written and shared by Chad Crouch from Podington Bear, in Portland, Oregon. Thanks, Chad. Download the album at Thanks to Jeshers for editing and Shokan, Jen and Jessica for keeping us afloat in other ways. Thanks to the whole Monday Night Group for one-good-thing-at-a-time. Join us. See current offerings of classes at and catch us on Facebook at

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